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Music Notation

Preparing music for a high-profile live performance, show, or recording session is serious business. Mistakes and sloppy formatting or page layout can cost time and money. In a large ensemble, the penalty can be hundreds of dollars worth of time wasted trying to correct these problems. It is worth the expense to have your music professionally copied.

Gary Gibson has taught both Finale and Sibelius in his music notation courses at Cornish College of the Arts, and uses Finale for his own professional work. He has two decades of experience as a copyist/engraver.

Inquire about music notation services
HERE. If your project is quite large, or has a very tight deadline, another local Seattle firm, RPM Seattle, is a fine music prep firm that Gary has subcontracted for on many feature film projects in the past, and is highly recommended.




Gary Gibson has been composing since the age of 15, in a wide variety of stylistic genres and insturmental combinations. He has been commissioned by professional and youth symphony orchestras, choirs, percussion ensembles, jazz ensembles, steelbands, and other groups.

The applications of new musical composition are as diverse as they have ever been, encompassing television, film, video games, custom website content, music for live performance, licensing, and, of course, pure artistic expression in new works created for no other purpose (art music).

At times, composers/songwriters will need the special expertise of an arranger or orchestrator to bring shape and interest to a piece of music. If you have this need, ior want to discuss a possible commission, please send an email

Studio Tracking

Does your recording project need enhancement with steel pan, vibraphone, or percussion tracking? Gary Gibson is fully equipped to provide you with tasteful, clean, professionally recorded tracks. Listen to his recordings for ideas of how percussion sweetening can add interest to the music. Send an email HERE to explore the possibilities!

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