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"Yahboy!", released in December of 2005, is the first recording since Gary Gibson's "pan pilgrimage" to Trinidad, West Indies in 2004. The album is reflective of his experience there, while still focusing on his original jazz-based compositions.

For this project, (and subsequent concert performances of this material), he assembled a band of some of the best musicians around. The band, too, is called "Yahboy!", and includes Richard Warner (flute/soprano sax), Steve Rice (keyboards), Dean Schmidt (electric basses), and Mark Ivester (drums). Other guest musicians appearing on the CD include Rich Cole (tenor sax), Bill Anschell (piano), Chuck Deardorf (acoustic bass), Michael Bento (double seconds steel pans), Dawn Clement (piano), and Jeff Busch (Brazilian percussion).

The program (click to hear an mp3 sample):

Pearls of Wisdom
Mixed Messages
A Friday in Tunapuna
Uncommon Denominator
Who's Askin'?
A Little Poem for You
Minute Waltz, Part I *
Minute Waltz, Part II (bomb)
The Man with the Steel Head
Chippin' on de Drag
Amazing Grace *
*not original compositions
"Bless Gary Gibson...for taking a spirited, colorful approach to the jazz genre in "Yahboy!" Having been to the Caribbean numerous times, I am familiar with the indigenous sounds that Gibson has absorbed. His utilization of steel pans gives him his own individual take on it. You can feel the enthusiasm blowing from the speakers..." - Elizabeth Jacobsen, entertainment.inuk.com
"Gibson's soloing is melodic and self-assured, and his compositions are sophisticated and totally enjoyable. The rhythm section (which features the fluid, creative drumming of Mark Ivester) really cooks throughout the recording." - Terry O'Mahoney, Perccusive Notes Magazine
"...a most welcome addition to the pan CD family. The CD is a blast! It knocks your socks off. The engineering, pan playing, and musicianship are delightful. I like the chemistry of the musicians, they all seem to be enjoying each others' company. There's never a dull moment. If it isn't Gary blowing you away with his dexterity and blending of notes, there's Richard Warner on flute, or Steve Rice on keyboards, or Dean Schmidt on bass, or Mark Ivester on drums, filling in the spaces..." -Mr. Muzik, Trinidad Guardian
" In all of my years as a music critic, I don't think I ever heard a jazz album that I could actually dance to. This is a seriously melodic record... The songs on this album are so catchy..." - Kyrby Raine, ink19.com
"I have been a big fan of Gary's music from the first note. His ability to weave very hip improvised lines through his equally hip compositions, all the while maintaining a beautiful tone and even touch on the pan, is truly remarkable. Gary has a unique and fresh voice for today's pan scene and his music will be revered for years to come." - Tom Miller