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Gary Gibson's  first CD is project is titled "My Two Cents", and includes special guest Richard Warner, a remarkably versatile flutist/saxaphonist, and John Morton on guitars.

The musical content is a variety of Caribbean influences (Trinidadian, Brazillian, and Cuban styles) infused with Gibson's jazz background to produce a unique and fresh sound.

The tunes, all originals, are:

My Two Cents
No Comment
Mom & Pop
Serendipity Song
Cha Cha Mi Mama
Plight of the Humble Bee
Nada de Novo
Rich and Famous
Me Bop (Won't Stop)
"There is just something immensely likeable about MY TWO CENTS. It has a certain flair that sets it apart from other CDs of this type, and the blending of contemporary jazz approaches is most appealing. Jazz listeners will find this an unusual and enjoyable collection of jazz instrumental music. There is a joy about this CD collection that is catching! Gary Gibson is a master of the steel drums & vibraphone and puts them to excellent use in MY TWO CENTS." (Lee Prosser, JazzReview.com)
"...This whole CD has a really nice feel to it, and is well worth checking out." - Jim Wilke, host of Public Radio International's "Jazz After Hours" and "Jazz Northwest"