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Gary Gibson's second CD project, titled "CounterMelodies," is along the same lines as his first project, "My Two Cents", with the addition of several special guests, including saxophonist Richard Cole, clarinetist Hans Teuber, flutist Richard Warner, Brazilian guitarist Marco de Cavalho, bassists Doug Miller and David Pascal, and percussionist Jeff Busch. It was released in 2002.

The tunes, all originals, are:

String Bikini
Three Drums, Nice Hat
September Sun
It's Mine and You Can't Have It
Whisper Something Nice
Song for Jujee
Sticks and Stones
Great Planes
Pannist's Lament
"...Gibson expands on the strengths of the first album, while at the same time breaking new ground. As a composer he is able to take on the traditions of Caribbean music and inject a sense of harmony that makes it all his own. There are plenty of memorable melodies and infectious rhythms to appeal to a broad range of listeners. Easy on the ears, while at the same time filled with challenge, Countermelodies is a fine effort from an artist who deserves a broader audience." (Dave Binder, ejazznews.com)
"...strong in melody and rhythm, with an effervescent, feel-good vibe that will please a cross-section of music fans. Gibson delivers a great listening experience on this CD. His devotion to this unique sound shows plainly in its quality." (Wendy Ross, Jazzreview.com)